Quality and environmental policy

Proyectos e Infraestructuras Zambana, S.L.U. ha asumido su compromiso de mantener un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad y Medio Ambiente basado en las Normas ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015 para el desarrollo de sus actividades de Obra civil y Edificación.

This compromise is known, understood and shared by all the people who make up the Proyectos e Infraestructuras Zambana, S.L.U. team, and it is reflected in all aspects of its management.

In accordance with these principles, Proyectos e Infraestructuras Zambana, S.L.U. assumes the following compromises:

1. Customer satisfaction by executing the work for our customers in such a way that all their needs and expectations are met, strengthening the trust in our company..

2. Constant improvement: by compiling and analyzing the data from the management system that will allow us to identify the areas to need improvement in our processes, procedures and the general activity of the organization.

3. Enviromental protection: by avoiding the pollution and depletion of the resources in all the activities developed with potential to impact the environment, through the control, management and minimization of possible residues generated during our activity and reducing the risks of environmental accidents.

4. Legality: by integrating our suppliers and subcontractors in the active compromise to improve customer satisfaction and control environmental aspects.

5. Alliances: Integrate our providers and subcontractors with the active compromise to improve clients’ satisfaction and control their environmental aspects.

6. Training and sensitization of staff to make them aware and hold them accountable for the importance of their responsibility in terms of quality, customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

This policy will be revised periodically, adapting it to the nature of the activities and the environmental impacts. It will be available to the public and should be known by all the members of the company.

Antonio José Pérez | Manager